Saturday, December 26, 2009

Did You Get What You Want This Holiday?

We hope everyone had a health and happy 2009 holiday! Classroom Fundraiser is looking forward to 2010 and cannot wait to help many more schools, charities and youth groups raise funds.

If you have kids then they are on winter break for the next few weeks. This is the perfect time to talk with them about what things they would like to do at school during the next semester. We are sure they have many projects, field trips and other ideas for how they would like the rest of their school year to go. As we all know schools are in great need for funding and that means many of the activities your child wants to partake in wont happen. Classroom Fundraiser has a solution for you, your kids and their schools.

Tell your childs teacher that they can use Classroom Fundraiser to raise money for all the projects they have planned. Getting started is easy and quick.

1) Visit
2) Click Sign Up Now
3) Fill out the quick application so we know where to send the money to.
4) Start telling everyone you know that when they order magazines from Classroom Fundraiser your classroom gets 50% of the proceeds.

Its that easy and your classroom can raise thousands of dollars with just a click! If you or your childs teacher have any questions just send an email to

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