Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mothers Fighting For Others...an AMAZING organization

Have you heard of the non profit Mothers Fighting For Others? This organizations motto is "Imagine What An Army of Inspired Mothers Could Do To Change The World"

I imagine an army of inspired mothers could do just about anything if they put their minds to it and thats exactly what Mothers Fighting For Others does. These amazing mothers have an inspiring and important mission

Mothers Fighting For Others is dedicated to providing orphans and vulnerable children with opportunities their parents would have provided, if they only could; a loving and nurturing environment and a quality education, so they can learn, thrive and achieve their highest potential.

I know many of my blog readers are mothers and know how important it is for children to have loving, nurturing homes. Unfortunately not every parent has the tools to provide this for their children. Thats why we are so excited and proud to help raise funds for Mothers Fighting For Others. This organization has an important and powerful mission but they can only accomplish this with the support of many.

If you would like to help us raise funds for Mothers Fighting For Others you can purchase a new or renew an old magazine subscription on classroomfundraiser.com using code 1070 & we will donate 50% of the proceeds directly to Mothers Fighting For Others.

Click HERE to start helping Mothers Fighting For Others earn money right now

If you know or have an NPO that could use help raising funds please contact us at info@classroomfundraiser.com


Inspire The Child from Jeff Turner on Vimeo.


  1. "MFFO" is a *fantastic* organization. Thanks so much for supporting them!!

  2. I absolutely love this organization! Met them at Blogworld and they are so inspirational....ill buy a magazine subscription to support them any day!


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