Monday, October 19, 2009

Wonderful New Organizations Who Have Joined Classroom Fundraiser

We have been so busy this past week and are very excited to share three new NPO's who have joined Classroom Fundraiser:

1)Friends of Pulaski Park

2)Who Will? We Will!

3) Zambian Breast Cancer Foundation

Each one of these non-profit organizations gets 50% of proceeds when their supporters, friends, family or anyone purchases magazines through our website If you would like to raise funds for your NPO, Classroom, Youth Group or Church just click HERE


This is an important NPO dedicated to the preservation, restoration and improvement of Holyoke Massachusetts historical Pulaski Park:

Pulaski Park is a historically significant park located in downtown Holyoke, Massachusetts. Holyoke, known as Paper City, was the first planned industrial city in the country. Though designed initially to power mills, Holyoke's dam and three-level canal system now produce abundant renewable energy. Pulaski Park was designed as a 'promenade park' overlooking the beautiful Connecticut River and the dam.

Friends of Pulaski Park is a park advocacy organization, dedicated to the restoration, preservation and improvement of Pulaski Park for the enjoyment of present and future generations. We collaborate with government, public and private organizations and individuals who care about Pulaski Park.

Currently Friends of Pulaski Park is raising money to help clear the river view. Help them meet their goals and improve Pulaski Park by purchasing new or renew old magazine subscriptions using code 1046 - VISIT CLASSROOM FUNDRAISER NOW


This NPO is about making a difference and improving dire situations for people like the children living in a Cambodian orphanage. The founders of this inspiring NPO believe ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference.

You can help Who Will? We Will! by purchasing new or renewing old magazine subscriptions using code 1040. Classroom Fundraiser will donate 50% of proceeds directly to Who Will? We Will when you use their code - VISIT CLASSROOM FUNDRAISER NOW


Being Breast Cancer Awareness Month this is a great charity to support! Zambian Breast Cancer Foundation has linked up with Break Through Cancer to help women in Zambia Africa receive mammograms, breast cancer awareness programs, education and prevention efforts. You can help Zambian Breast Cancer Foundation earn much needed funds by using code 1039 when purchasing new or renewing old magazine subscriptions through Classroom Fundraiser.

If you would like to raise money for your Classroom, School, Youth Group or Non Profit Organization please visit our site and click Enroll Here. You will be given a code and your organization will earn 50% of proceeds for ever magazine subscription purchased using your code.

Lets work together to help the many small organizations who are in need of funding reach their goals!

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