Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Charity Joins Classroom Fundraiser

I posted earlier that we have opened up to Non Profit Organizations. Now we are able to donate 50% of proceeds to Schools, Classrooms, Youth Groups AND NPO's. In just a short time we have already added 2 new NPO's who do amazing things.

Our first feature was Spirit Jump an NPO that works to lift the spirits of men, women and children battling cancer. Anyone who wants to help Spirit Jump raise money can purchase new or renew old magazine subscriptions using their code 1033 on our website ( For every purchase made using code 1033 we give Spirit Jump 50%!

Our newest addition is an organization called Women Heart This group is an NPO that champions prevention and early detection, accurate diagnosis, and proper treatment of women's heart disease. I am very excited that we are able to help this amazing and important organization raise much needed funds.

If you would like to help this wonderful organization, purchase a new or renew and old magazine subscriptions using code 1035 on

Please let people know we are here to help and that they too can raise money through us. We want to help as many people and organizations as we can! Leave a comment if you know a School, Classroom, Youth Group or NPO that needs some funding. You can also email anytime.

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  1. What a great idea for a blog, hope it is going well!
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