Monday, October 5, 2009

Parents Magazine For....Parents

Parents is America's leading magazine devoted to serving people who are raising children. This magazine is designed for women ages 18-34 with growing children. Its editorial focus is on family formation and growth including the daily needs and concerns of modern mothers. It also regularly features information about beauty, food, fashion, home, age specific child development, health, pregnancy, marriage, finance, child care, education and discipline.

I just love this magazine and the best part is you can get a years subscription (24 issues) for only $12.00!!! Even better if you want to raise money for your kids Classroom, School or your favorite Non Profit they can get 50% of that $12.00.

Ask your child's school or your favorite NPO if they have a user ID with Classroom Fundraiser. If they do use it and they will get 50% of proceeds. If they don't have a user ID tell them about Classroom Fundraiser and they can get one very easily.

Right now we are featuring Non Profit Organization Spirit Jump. This NPO's mission is to lift the spirits of men, women and children battling cancer by sending cards & gifts. Spirit Jump's ID is 1033 and you can help them raise money by ordering a year subscription to Parents magazine with their ID number.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!

    Love the blog and will be following!


  2. thanks for stopping by and for your comment! It was such a pretty day, I wish I could live in one of those old victorian houses too! so old and beautiful:)

  3. Great promotion! I'm not a parent, just a stepmother in training!

  4. That is a good magazine. I subscribe to it :)

  5. Thank you for stopping by.

    Parents magazine is a great magazine with lots of great information and help. I used to suscribe when my boys were smaller. This is a great deal.


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