Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aids Support Network

Welcome to our newest nonprofit organization, AIDS Support Network. Now you can help this charity raise funds by buying NEW RENEWING OLD or GIVING A GIFT of a magazine subscription. Classroom Fundraiser will donate 50% of the proceeds to AIDS Support Network

This is a grassroots charity started in the 1980s by a group of residents who were concerned about the AIDS pandemic. AIDS Support Network strives to support and improve the lives of those battling AIDS. This nonprofit is very active in their community and continue to find new ways to support those in need. The work they are doing is important and they need funding so that they can continue to help those afflicted with HIV and AIDS as well as educate on the prevention of contracting HIV.

You can find hundreds of magazine subscriptions on our website, some up to 80% off the cover price. By ordering just 1 magazine you are helping AIDS Support Network continue to help others. Please consider making a purchase that is good for everyone.

You can CLICK HERE to begin searching magazines under AIDS Support Network or you can always go to our website www.classroomfundraiser.com and use CODE 1078 so that 50% of the purchase price is donated to AIDS Support Network.

And, you can always help any of the organizations we work with by purchasing magazine subscriptions:

Spirit Jump - Code 1033
Women Heart - Code 1035
Survivors Truths -Code 1037
Zambian Breast Cancer Foundation - Code 1039
Who Will? We Will? - Code 1040
Friends of Pulaski Park - Code 1046
Mothers Fighting For Others - Code 1070
Children Battling Cancer -1072
Stepwise - Code 1074
CAMP Haven - Code 1073
Angels For Hope - Code 1075
AIDS Support Network -1078

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