Friday, November 20, 2009

Angels For Hope Needs Your Support

We are proud to welcome Angels For Hope to Classroom Fundraiser. Now that this charity has joined us you can help them raise much needed funds by RENEWING, GIVING OR BUYING magazine subscriptions on our website using code 1075 or click here now.

Angels For Hope is a nonprofit organization that spreads hope "one stitch at a time". They do this by making crochet angels for anyone in need of hope. A simple gift made with love can make a huge difference during someones very dark days. In 2008 Angels For Hope sent over 70,000 crochet angels to people needing hope. Please help them continue bringing joy and comfort to those in need by purchasing a magazine through us so that we can donate 50% of the proceeds directly to Angels Of Hope.

We are also kicking off the holiday season by encouraging you to let your children's teachers and school know that we can help them raise money too. Since most families already subscribe to 3-5 magazines, schools & classrooms can raise funds when supporters merely renew subscriptions through us. We have over 450 magazines, all at or below normal subscription prices. You earn 50% when people RENEW, GIVE, or BUY subscriptions. It's as simple as that.

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