Thursday, November 12, 2009

C.A.M.P. Haven

Classroom Fundraiser welcomes C.A.M.P. Haven to our network of nonprofit organizations we help. This means that you can support C.A.M.P. Haven by purchasing new or renewing old magazine subscriptions on and we will donate 50% of the purchase price back to C.A.M.P. Haven

Here is why you should consider helping this important charity:

C.A.M.P. Haven is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping at risk youths and single parent mothers. Instead of hanging out on the streets youths are encouraged to spend their time in a safe enviornment, C.A.M.P. Haven provides tutoring, computer lessons, get assistance filling out college and job applications, learn gang prevention, the arts, music and much much more. All youths deserve to have a safe, positive enviornment. C.A.M.P Haven provides this.

Classroom Fundraiser allows you to help C.A.M.P. Haven earn funds in a simple and fun way. If you enjoy magazines or have kids, friends, family who do simply purchase a magazine subscription off our site and we will donate 50% of the proceeds directly to C.A.M.P. Haven. All you have to do is visit and enter the ID # 1073 then start shopping, its that easy!

If you want to start helping C.A.M.P. Haven right now CLICK HERE and purchase your magazine subscription, 50% of the proceeds will be given to them.

If you have a School, Classroom, Youth Group or Nonprofit Organization and want us to donate 50% of proceeds to your organization just visit our website and enroll. You can start earning immediately.

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