Monday, November 9, 2009

Stepwise Joins Classroom Fundraiser

We found this amazing nonprofit organization and fell in love immediately! Stepwise was created by Sally Hayes, an inspiration woman who dedicates herself to helping East Africa's youth. This nonprofit is the definition of a grassroots organization. With no corporate sponsors or full time staff Sally works tirelessly for something she believes in.

How Do You Eat An Elephant? One Bite At A Time!
"This is the philosophy behind Stepwise, a non-profit organisation created to provide basic needs for East Africa’s youth. Helping vulnerable children in East Africa may seem like a project of marathon proportions, but instead of focusing on the finish line, Stepwise concentrates on taking it STEP by STEP.

is just a small group of like minded people doing what we can for a cause we believe in.

Will you walk with us?"

You can help Stepwise raise much needed funds by purchasing new or renewing old magazine subscriptions using code: 1074 CLICK HERE TO HELP NOW

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